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Are Your Customers Expat? – The Inspire and Thai Visa Bundle Deal

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Are Your Customers Expat? – The Inspire and Thai Visa Bundle Deal

When it Comes to Expats – No Other Media in Thailand Comes Close…

If you are serious about connecting your business with expats either on a National scale or by specific regions, like Bangkok and Pattaya, then your media partnership should be with Thai Visa and Inspire eMagazine. It really is as simple as that.

Their daily and weekly e newsletters alone have over 280,000 customer subscribers.

Please do read the bundle proposal below and then make contact so we can help you connect with more expats than you thought possible.

Unbeatable Value

On top of everything we have come together to bring you an absolutely stunning price. Best price and most expat customers makes for a very compelling and easy decision to make.






















“Inspire has always been built on giving exceptional value to our advertisers and we are passionate about continually evolving so we get better and better for both our advertisers and our end consumer. We set our stall high and will only partner with the best in class; Thai Visa was always our number one target to build a more collaborative partnership and we could not be more happier with our new working relationship.” explains co-founder and Director of Inspire eMagazine, Dan Cheeseman. “It now makes for a very simple decision for any advertiser wanting to connect with expats regional and nationally in Thailand; we offer the biggest platform to connect with this group and we also offer the best price to do so.”

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Either via Inspire or Thai Visa:
Dan 086 155 2500 or [email protected] (Inspire)
Barry 085 287 7985 or [email protected] (Thai Visa)

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