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ISE International School Agenda in June

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ISE International School Agenda in June

3rd June Event: ESLR Shirt Day
Time for ESLR shirt again for this month.
“Let’s wear our ISE shirts!”
Venue: Whole school, Time: All day

5th June Event: HS Graduation
This is a very important day for the senior class! After years of hard work, burning the midnight oil, taking examinations, writing themes, conducting experiments, writing term papers and reports, comes the day you have been longing for–Graduation Day. It marks the end of high school and you go to it with mixed feelings—relief, sadness, happiness, anticipation, and hope….
“ The beginning of a new world is waiting for you. Good luck everyone.”
Venue: Montein Hotel, Pattaya, Time: 7:00 pm

6th June Event: Last day of school

Every student will check and clean their locker with their homeroom teacher.
After that, each class will have an activity. Before going home, they will receive their report cards and yearbooks.
“Have a great summer, everyone!”
Venue: Classroom, Time: 12:00 Dismissal

10th June Event: ISE Summer Camp
ISE Summer Camp begins, see the website for details
Venue: Classroom, Time: 8:00 – 12:00




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