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349 Baht The Crispy Chicken Bucket at Hooters Pattaya

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349 Baht The Crispy Chicken Bucket at Hooters Pattaya

“Hooters is celebrating their 36th anniversary

by welcoming another tasty sensation to their menu;

The Crispy Chicken Bucket.

Hooters expands their menu even further by adding different choices of Thai infused dipping sauces that match perfectly with the Crispy Chicken Buckets. You’ll find flavours such as Tom Yum, Jim Jeaw and Sri Racha together with our old American classic favourites.

The chicken itself is crispy fried breaded with Hooters own secret recipe, served either as a half chicken (10 pieces) for 349 Baht or as a whole chicken (20 pieces) for 599 Baht. The Crispy chicken buckets will be available in our Bangkok and Pattaya stores.

Home Delivery is also available through Food Panda which offers the full Hooters menu for you enjoyment.

Hooters makes you Happy! 

For more information about Hooters Asia, kindly visit:


Facebook: Hooters Asia

Instagram: Official_hootersasia

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