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The 3 best golf courses for expats near Bangkok

Thailand Golf Courses

The 3 best golf courses for expats near Bangkok

Within and around the hustle and bustle of its vibrant culture and exciting street life, Bangkok offers visitors, expats, and die-hard fans a range of excellent golf courses to enjoy. So much so, that over the years the popularity of golf in the Land of smiles has grown substantially. Even locals are at it, while younger generations are picking up this leisurely sport. 

Despite each golf course offering visitors something new and unique in terms of layout and level of difficulty, one particular thing which they all have in common is the fine balance of exoticism of the orient with first-class, world comforts, that create appealing value-added golfing packages. Here, our friends at Pacific Prime Thailand offer 3 recommendations on courses that are well worth a visit for an unforgettable experience, as well as some pro tips to get the best out of your time playing.

Amata Spring Country Club

For connoisseurs of the game, consider this as one of the top golf courses not only in the region of Bangkok but the whole of Thailand. There is nothing to dislike about this near-perfect golf course, which is only 70km from the center of Bangkok. The lush fairways are long and undulating, the greens smooth and plain, and the bunkering offers an ever-stimulating playing experience.

Designed by the legendary architects, Schmidt and Curley, and established in 2005, the golf course offers many water hazards, such as two large lakes and several holes that have been routed around the water’s edge. There is even a floating island green which offers players a challenging experience every time. You will have to board a boat to cross over to the island to make that satisfying putt of the day. Bucket list for golfers, ticked!

Thai Country Club

Surely as a golfer, you have heard of Tiger Woods? This immaculate course is the site of his many victories. The Thai Country Club offers world-class service and is ranked highly among locals and expats. Experienced golfers appreciate the level of difficulty due to its variety of holes and perfectly manicured greens and fairways.

A note to make is the greenside bunkers that are very well positioned and demands great skill when shot-making. Such a spectacular golfing experience is only made possible under the management of the Peninsula Hotel Group. It’s no wonder, the Thai Country Club can offer astounding levels of service and food you would expect from a 5-star hotel. At a distance of roughly 50km north of Bangkok, visitors will enjoy making a trip to this majestic course, which is steeped in history and excellence.

Thana City Golf Club

Conveniently located 25 minutes from downtown Bangkok, the Greg Norman-designed course is set among beautifully landscaped surroundings, that offer golfers a complete range of sporting, recreational, and top lifestyle facilities. When it comes to the golf course itself, the golf facilities are comprehensive and second to none.

For those that want to do a few practice swings with their irons, there is a world-class driving range, putting green, and a short, mini practice area. So if you have children or friends, then there’s something for everyone. For veterans of the game, there are numerous natural streams and lakes throughout the course with a superb array of holes to challenge both your long and short game. Go all out and have a great adventure at this fantastic golf club.

Pro tips for the best-golfing experience

Before you decide to pay a visit to one of the abovementioned golf courses, check out these pro tips for the best golfing experience:


It is imperative that you warm up before a game by emphasizing full-body movements that include trunk flexing, extending, and rotating, as well as dynamic, lower body moves that target hip rotation in all directions. Don’t forget your upper body, so you don’t pull a muscle and leave you regretting not doing a proper warm-up.  


This is quite an obvious tip, but one that can be easily forgotten during an exciting game of golf. Every year, between February and October, Thailand experiences high humidity and on average, hot temperatures of up to 34 degrees Celsius, so drinking plenty of water from a clean source is particularly important. The process of dehydration can ruin your game as your muscles fatigue quicker, which causes you to lose power in your swings. With less power, the distance you get from your swing is much lower, so always have a spare bottle or two to keep your fluid levels and game up.

Adjust your body for the perfect swing

When attempting a golf swing, your entire body performs a complex and coordinated movement. When this movement is repeated often, mounting stress is placed on the same muscles, tendons, and joints. For those that play often, this can lead to injuries, especially if your swing mechanics are flawed.

Adjusting and reviewing your mechanics can help prevent the nasty injuries that are part and parcel with golf:

Focus on the correct posture

Stand in front of the ball with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees bent slightly. Keep your spine straight and rotated slightly outward. For the backswing, your body should be tilted forward, so the power comes from the feet and through the hips. To avoid back pain, try not to hunch as this can build up pressure in the neck and upper lumbar spine.

Stay relaxed

In general, the power exerted for a swing or putt comes from the force transferred from all your muscle groups, starting from the feet and through to your fingertips. Before executing, take a deep breath, and relax your body. This will ensure that your accuracy and power are well measured and that you don’t injure yourself or develop conditions like golfer’s elbow – a strain of the muscles and tendons of your forearm muscles.

Stay in control

A golf club is considered a hazard when not appropriately gripped. Be sure to place your hands over the grip, by aligning above the marking of the club. Use a glove for a secure grip and keep your hands slightly loose, so you are not at risk of injuring your wrists. Take your time and assess the situation. A game of golf is not a race but a sport to enjoy at leisure.

Secure health insurance with Pacific Prime Thailand

Even with the best tips for staying healthy and fit for a memorable game of golf, nothing can rule out the chances of needing medical treatment if a mishap unfortunately occurs. Locals and expats can expect huge medical bills from a visit to a private hospital. But one of the best things you can do is get health insurance to provide peace of mind. With over 20 years of experience in the insurance brokerage industry, our friends at Pacific Prime Thailand are more than capable of finding the best international or expat health insurance plan that balances your needs and budget. Contact them today for insurance advice and a free plan comparison!

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