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Thaivisa Launches New SE Asia Golf Directory


Thaivisa Launches New SE Asia Golf Directory

After the success of Thaivisa’s Golf in Thailand forum, the company has just announced a brand-new forum called Golf in SE Asia, which has just gone live.

Golf in Thailand, even during the pandemic, has averaged over 108,000 views a month, making it the No.1 source for golfers checking out Thailand.

Thaivisa has now become the top website for general information on Thailand for foreigners with over 6 million views per month.

Golf is Big Business
International Golf Vacations is a huge industry across South East of Asia, and many golfers like to book two or even three centre holidays.

Naturally it is difficult to book trips at the moment due to Covid 19 restrictions, however with certain borders due to re-open for tourists over the next few months, we wanted to have as much online information as possible.

Mike Bridge thaivisa’s Golf Editor said, “We have researched what we believe to be the most attractive courses to appeal to golf vacationers. These include clubs in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Vietnam.

Viewers will find a general overview of each country, a short description of each golf course plus contact and website details.

“I am sure viewers from around the globe will have their own comments or favorites to add, and we welcome reviews from individual golfers as well,” added Bridge.

The directories do not include prices, as these can change seasonally. However, golfers will be able to check out the latest rates, by just going to their preferred club’s website.

In addition to the new directories of over 150 courses, thaivisa will also post the latest SE Asia golf news to keep golfers up to date.

Local destinations, travel agents and individual courses will be able to book upgrade packages plus banners, advertorials and to post special offers and events throughout the year.

Contact: [email protected]

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