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5 Barriers to weight loss


5 Barriers to weight loss

This week our nutritionist Jeanette Hyde suggests 5 reasons our diets might not be working

I frequently meet individuals who aren’t eating very much, yet they can’t seem to lose weight. When this happens, detective work begins to track down some of the areas that may be inhibiting weight loss. Weight regulation is complex, and putting weight gain and loss down to simple calorie calculations can be over-simplistic and miss many of the complex systems of the human body. Sometimes just one of the following issues could be the key to kick starting the weight loss, in other cases several may turn out to be significant. This is before we even start to look at the content of the diet.

Hidden Plastic Bisphenol A Chemicals

You may have a hot drink each morning from your local café. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a triple espresso, or a “healthy” matcha tea. If you’re sipping it through a plastic sip lid, you may be ingesting a daily dose of BPA plastics with your drink. The heat of the drink may be melting the plastic into your drink and mouth. When we ingest plastics, which aren’t a food we’re designed to eat, they are hard for the body to process. They may be causing inflammation – where the immune cells go into battle against unwelcome intruders. Chronic inflammation, known as “systemic inflammation” can be a barrier to weight loss. Reducing your exposure to these kinds of plastics could help regulate your weight. Apart from plastic sip lids, many shop receipts have a chemical coating on one side containing BPA. When you handle these the chemical can rub off on your fingers and when you then pick up food with your hands, the coating can get transferred to your mouth and be ingested. So always wash hands before eating.


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