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Are Social Networks the new Beer Bars of Pattaya?


Are Social Networks the new Beer Bars of Pattaya?

How does that effect the rules of engagement?

Maybe some of you know exactly where I am going with this, but to make it crystal clear let me explain. The likes of Facebook has caused many a divorce all across the world, mainly due to reigniting ‘old flames’, yet the fundamentals are the same. Social networks allow you to meet new people. Many a Thai girl from the bar scene has clocked on to this and now has thousands of followers, all of whom could become their next ‘customer’.

It is not uncommon that while I work in my office, here in Pattaya, that I will get a message from a Thai girl sent via Facebook, with the most popular being ‘hi’. Not dissimilar to a fisherman casting his bait to sea in an effort to get a bite. Often I post the same back – hi – as a kind of game to see what comes back. I could be sitting in a bar as the conversation draws much parallels, bar the ‘what your name’ as they already know that courtesy of Facebook. ‘what you do?’ is very popular. Well, if she had done her research on Facebook she could find that out for herself, still, I like to be polite and will answer.

You get the point. Social Networks are becoming a meeting ground for men and Thai women of the night and it starts to change the rules of engagement and need to fact find too much. The guy can very easily check out her profile and photos and make a decision on whether this is something worth pursuing.

The flipside is it can get annoying when you are working hard and a message comes through, yes it can be flattering – don’t we all still fall for ‘handsome man’?. But it is distracting. If only I could bring myself to turn Facebook off when I am busy, but alas I can’t. For whomever is round the corner waiting to send me a message I just don’t know. I am off to check if I got a message come through on my Facebook page…

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