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Beer Bars, What Beer Bars?


Beer Bars, What Beer Bars?

The end of the beer bar in Pattaya?

The very fabric of Pattaya materialized as a result of open terraced beer bars and bar girls, whether it was the American Navy or a retired expat you could expect to see them in a beer bar, with a beer and a bar girl not far away reassuring them of their handsome looks. So, it’s a hardly a surprise that the city has struggled with its image in recent years.

Pattaya however has moved on not just in small steps but huge ones in the last couple of years and could become a force in the global tourist market. Of course there will always be those that don’t want it to change and those that will forever tarnish the city with dated perceptions, but they are increasingly marginalized.

Don’t get it wrong though, Pattaya is a tourist attraction and the changes being made are positive and maintain that zesty, fun orientated spirit that encapsulate this town. Just try listing all the attractions and you will not only run out of paper but you will miss the lion share. Let’s give you an example, before we stop for breath: Dolpin show, Nong Nooch Gardens, go-karting, Koh Larn, wake boarding, bungy jumping, shooting ranges, beaches, ladyboy shows, Sanctuary of Truth, crocodile zoo, water park, nightclubbing, a restaurant for every nationality, shopping, golf, elephant trekking, fishing parks; let’s stop there for now. Pattaya has something for everyone that is far more than a beer bar.

Beer bars do still have a place in this city, they’re fun and fun is the pulse of Pattaya, but they will change and evolve to the changing tourist and pressure placed on them by Thai officials regenerating the area. Don’t be surprised to see connect four games replaced with something new, or that symbolic silver pole start to disappear. As long as there are men with a thirst for beer, there will be a place for that trusty beer bar in Pattaya. Cheers.

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