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Closure of Pattaya set to begin on Thursday 9 April


Closure of Pattaya set to begin on Thursday 9 April

The proposed lockdown of Pattaya – closing the city to people who are not residents –  will begin from 2pm on Thursday 9 April, City Hall confirmed on Tuesday.

The closure will see movement into the city restricted, with 24 hour checkpoints set up to screen people at various locations throughout the city and will be in place until the situation regarding COVID-19 improves. 

Officials said there will be five checkpoints to stop people entering: Soi Chaiyapornwithee, Soi Phon Prapha Nimit, Soi Chaiyapruek, the Motorway Route 7 section 5 and the Ayakan Intersection.

Sukhumvit Road will be sealed off to outsiders and only traversable by locals.

People passing through the checkpoints will have their temperature taken.

People with genuine reason to be in Pattaya will be allowed entry. For foreigners, expect hospital visits and trips to immigration to be permitted.

People will need to have their documentation and IDs in order and some, particularly employees working in Pattaya will be urged to make special ID cards. Foreigners should carry their passports with them.

Details of the closure were released after the Banglamung District Chief and Pattaya Mayor chaired a meeting on Tuesday attended by the police chiefs from the five stations in the Pattaya area about the best way forward.

There are now 30 Covid-19 cases in Pattaya – 15 foreigners and 15 Thais.

The order to close the city is the latest measure introduced to try and stop the spread of coronavirus. 

The official advice to people in Pattaya and throughout Thailand is to remain indoors and only go outside if absolutely necessary. If you need to go outdoors, wear a mask.


Point 1 Soi Chaiyapornwithee

Point 2 Motorway Road 7 section 5 (in front of highway patrol)

Point 3 Phon Prapha Nimit (in front of mae la grilled fish shop)

Point 4 Soi Chaiyapruek (before the intersection of railroad in front of coffee shop)

Point 5 Sukhumvit Road before the prosecutor’s office (under the overpass in front of na jomtien temple)


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