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Dominos Pizza Opens in Pattaya


Dominos Pizza Opens in Pattaya

Domino Pizza Company Here at Last

The popular Dominos Pizza chain from America, which has been active in Bangkok for the last six months (November 2013) has finally opened its first take away shop on Third Road, just before Pattaya Klang by the traffic lights.

Pizza lovers are spoiled for choice in this city with many independent Italian restaurants, Pizza Company, Nick the Pizza, New York Pizza and, of course, Pizza Hut. The addition of Dominos Pizza will be met with delights from UK and American expats living here that were already familiar with the chain. It has been many years there had been rumbles of Dominos finally gracing Thai shores and at last they have arrived.


What are you waiting for…go and give it a try!

What to Expect

Dominos is known not just for its pizza but for its bite sized menu such as Chicken Kickers, garlic bread and various other sundries.

How to Order

Visit the shop or ring #1612

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