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Driving License in Thailand by Pattaya Kids


Driving License in Thailand by Pattaya Kids

If you have lived in Thailand for any length of time you will appreciate that sometimes things can be a little bit harder and a little bit more drawn out than what we may be used to back ‘home’. I recently had to renew my 5 year driving license and I have been putting it off as long as I could until it started approaching the final few days when I actually decided that I better do something about it. It was not because I was scared or anything like that, just I knew that it was going to be something that would take a long time.

When the day arrived after I had finally decided to bite the bullet I went to the test centre bright and early and got myself in the line that a had foolishly mistaken for a queue, how very English of me! I say foolishly mistaken for a queue as when the doors opened there was a mad dash to the front whilst me a few other Johnny Foreigners politely waited. Having realised the error of our ways we joined the rugby scrum until another member of staff started organising a queue, about 10 minutes too late, but still at least the thought was there!

I finally got the opportunity to take my test to prove that I wasn’t blind and could judge distance and passed with flying colours, although to be honest I am not sure what you needed to do to fail as the girl wasn’t paying much attention and there were people there who really shouldn’t have been allowed in a car let alone drive one!

At this stage I mistakenly thought that I would be issued with my new driving license and I could go merrily on my way for another five years, no I had to watch a Thai soap opera, sorry video about how you should drive. This was a tale about Noodee, her family and a lunatic of a driver, the likes of which we see on the roads of Pattaya every day. I think it is fair to say that the story was long winded, and the same video I watched 5 years ago as sadly I must have been paying too much attention as I could remember it.

After 50 minutes of my life had been wasted I then moved into a queue to pick up my license and pay my dues and demands. I had to pay an extra THB100 to pay for having my passport number changed but I was finally free to walk away!

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