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Expats in Thailand travel far more than I imagined


Expats in Thailand travel far more than I imagined

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Understanding Expats in Thailand is vital to me in the capacity of the MD for, they are, after all, our readers. It is quite common therefore to run surveys to build such intelligence and the most recent was with regards to their travel habits.

The feedback from the 325 expat respondents bucked many misconceptions that us expats are a bit tight with our money. To be fair for some time now I have been telling people such stereotypical views were misplaced and, quite frankly, completely wrong. At least now I can back it up with data.

The starting point in the survey was frequency of travel. 48% answered that they traveled four or more times per year, that’s a very healthy number and shows an active group of individuals. The average expat traveling 4.3 times per year.

Compare this to those living in the UK:

Baby boomers take an average of 3.3 trips a year, with each trip averaging 9.4 days.
Generation X take an average of 3.6 trips a year. Each trip averages 7.9 days.
Millennials take an average of 4.2 trips a year and each trip averages 6.7 days.
Generation Z take an average of 2.9 trips a year, with each trip averaging 7.4 days.

Typical Room Rates

With the likes of Agoda and making hotel expense far more competitive, it means budgets can lower than perhaps expected. 63% of the sample still spend 1k baht or more on a room, with 36% spending 1.5k baht or more and 1 in 10 will spend more than 3k baht on a room each night.


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