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Facebook buoyed by Zuckerberg Pledge


Facebook buoyed by Zuckerberg Pledge

by Dan Cheeseman,

When Facebook floated, its shares were in huge demand and that meant for a great launch price, only for days later the share price to take a tumble. It seems the early euphoria was short lived and many market analysts still remain unsure as to how Facebook can properly monetarise itself.

It appears 900 million users does not be virtue ensure success. General Motors recently pulled its Facebook budget as it couldn’t justify or see how to make it work for them. Inspire as an online media product certainly finds value in Facebook with a considerable slug of traffic onto our website coming via Facebook.

I playfully wrote a couple of weeks ago that something as big as Facebook can result in its self destruction, user apathy and all that. But it was nothing more than kidology as Facebook, through its years of sharing our photos and memories, now has us lovingly snared. Why walk away at this stage from a site that has all your photos and history laid out for you? It would take some almighty love split for this to happen or new flame with the power of Adonis himself to tear us away, wouldn’t it?

Facebooks plunge into Wall Street and floating does somewhat change things, as now it’s not all about hearts and minds to keep and grow this monster, but commercial numbers. So if share owners don’t see value then share price will tumble and people no longer hold onto their shares. Zuckerberg, CEO, now needs to make decisions for the good of the share price probably more so than the latest Facebook innovation.

Illustrative to this point was in Facebook shares receiving a five percent boost recently when Zuckerberg pledged not to sell any of his shares for another year. It would appear that in this free market we live in it does encourage new ideas and initiatives but ultimately can also harness and squeeze this once a share price factor is brought into play.

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