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FreePlayo.Com – Online Games & Marketing

Online Games & Marketing – Can Everyone be a Winner?

With a real shift from traditional to online media and marketing here in Thailand, Inspire was keen to look at some of the options for businesses looking to optimize their digital marketing campaigns – ‘FreePlayo.Com’ certainly looks to fit that bill. The following feature has been produced by FreePlayo.Com.

“How long do you or someone you know spend playing online games such as Farmville, Diamond Dash, and Zynga Poker? Hundreds of millions of people play these games and get little out of it other than an escape from reality and bragging rights on Facebook. Some players even pay good money to get top-ups, and power packs, and special equipment for the games, which is how the developers make their money.

How often do you go to a website with the sole intention of clicking on advertising banners and reading promotional material? More than likely you go to a site to read the editorial content and get frustrated by pop-up advertisements that you have to close, while lurking somewhere within a muddle of banners and buttons is the information you want.
Pattaya-based OPEN Advertising holds the Thai license to operate an online game called FreePlayo. features an array of sponsor logos and commercial promotions as the primary content. You can be forgiven for thinking: “Well that sounds like the worst of both worlds: a waste of precious time and commercial harassment rolled into one!” Yet the people behind the concept believe everyone is a winner with FreePlayo: players, advertisers, and the society in which we all operate. Indeed making everyone a winner is FreePlayo’s mission statement.

How so?

FreePlayo is a simple online game of chance in which players interact with sponsor brands and promotions regularly to build up their FreePlayo points, which they can trade for sponsored prizes called FreePlayo Rewards. Rewards range from bar tabs, with which you can enjoy a pint or few on the house, and restaurant vouchers to PADI diving courses, professional services, and an iPhone 4S. To date over 300 rewards have been claimed, with more than 500,000 THB of rewards waiting to be claimed.

Sponsors benefit from repeat exposures, interactions, and referrals from FreePlayo players who visit with the specific intention to interact with sponsored content. This is extremely valuable. Very few advertising media offer this combination of powerful marketing principles.

Through FreePlayo’s partnerships with Operation Smile Thailand and the Melissa Cosgrove Children’s Foundation, underprivileged children also benefit from FreePlayo. Players have the opportunity to exchange their points for donations sponsored by FreePlayo and its sponsors. Thus society at large is also a winner thanks to the generosity of the FreePlayo community.

FreePlayo introduced some interesting new features during its recent website upgrade in August 2012, including a discussion forum where participants can earn FreePlayo points for starting a new discussion. Plus the introduction of Buy Now Rewards that allow users to use a combination of FreePlayo points and a secure cash payment to claim a Reward before someone else does.”

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