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The Importance of Reguar Savings


The Importance of Reguar Savings

                         Asia Pacific
                                The Importance of
                                    Reguar Savings

In almost 30 years of working as a Financial Advisor, I have NEVER met anyone who complains about having too much money in retirement. I have met countless numbers of people who don’t have enough income to enjoy their retirement, but never the other way round. So why is this??

Most people simply do not consider the importance of regular savings. According to a recent survey one in five Britons are saving nothing at all, while 45% of the 5,200 adults surveyed were not saving enough.

Whether the aim is to save for a more secure future for you and your loved ones, or for a specific purpose such as the funding of your children’s or grandchildren’s education, or perhaps that well earned retirement villa. For most people the only way to achieve this is to save for it, and a convenient way to do that is on a regular basis. Time flies, so it’s often surprising how quickly savings can grow, giving you the financial security and the ability to afford the things in life you really deserve.

At Asia Pacific Pensions we can offer regular savings contracts from as little as £200 p/month ($300). Today’s global environment demands a savings product which is tax efficient and capable of maximising returns, while also allowing the widest possible flexibility so that, as your circumstances or objectives change, your investments are free to adapt with you so that you can plan for a better future.

    So the message is very simple……the sooner you start
                saving for your retirement, the better!
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