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Inspire opens up the International Opportunity for Pattaya Business


Inspire opens up the International Opportunity for Pattaya Business

Inspire partners with largest golf association in Thailand

Expat Channel Fundamental to Inspire

The back bone of Inspire eMagazine is without question the expat market of Pattaya and Bangkok; this will continue to be the core channel of customers Inspire looks to service with timely event and promotion updates. Inspire offers the complete digital package for businesses wanting to connect with this customer group, from website, social networks, You Tube to the much talked about fortnightly newsletter. On a typical month Inspire connects with 45,000+ customers and this continues to grow at pace.

Unlocking an International Market for Pattaya Business

Through Inspires continued working relationship with the Eastern Golf Association (EGA), the largest association of its kind in Thailand, Inspire took the decision to embark on an initiative to attract and connect with quality tourists, businesses and golfers to Pattaya. Many of whom already qualified as those with an interest or have previously visited Pattaya before.

On the 30th November 2012, Inspire – in association with the EGA – will send out a monthly eNewsletter that will be sent to a database of 20,000 individuals whom have either played golf in Asia, are members of Golf clubs in countries like Abu Dubai, or are business executives whom have had conferences or dealings within in Thailand.

eNewsletter Content

The Newsletter will include blog links that give advice on traveling to Pattaya, where to stay, to organizing business meetings here. There will also be a golf section which each month looks at two golf courses from the region, this will include a video review too.

Commercial Opportunity for Businesses in Pattaya and Bangkok

Inspire is offering businesses the opportunity to feature in this monthly newsletter in 6 month contracts from a price range of 2,000 to 5,000 baht per month dependent on location and links. It will appeal to those whom wish to target general and golfing tourists while also wishing to connect with business executives with an interest in Thailand or would be investors to the region, say for example, property.

For more information or to register your interest please contact [email protected]

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