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Inspire TV & Audio across 14 Tonys Gyms throughout Pattaya


Inspire TV & Audio across 14 Tonys Gyms throughout Pattaya

Strong Collaborative Partnership

Inspire is delighted to announce its agreement to service the plasma screens and audio systems that operate throughout the 14 Tony Fitness Centres that are located with Sriracha, Naklua, Central Pattaya, East Pattaya and Jomtien.

The show will be called ‘Tonys TV in association with Inspire’ and follow the successful model Inspire uses with the Marriott Resort in Pattaya.

What will be Shown?

Tonys Section
It will be a mix of Tonys own promotions and offers throughout his fitness centres, hotels and nightclubs

Inspire Sections
Inspire What to do, Where to go video features while also a round up of events and promotions in Pattaya for that particular month. Inspire will also show construction updates from the main developers in town to give a roundness to the show.

Dance Music will break the show up

How Big is the Customer Reach?

Tonys fitness centres all average over 250 visitors a day, making the total reach over 100,000 customers per month; making it one of the most significant and interesting media channels in Pattaya.

Tony will offer advertising packages for customers, while Inspire customers will by default get their video reviews shown through this platform.

Why is this Media so Significant?

The 100,000 monthly consumer reach to one side, what makes this media so effective is that its plays to a captive audience – after all where else will they look when they run for 40 minutes on a tread mill?

The other interesting benefit is the consumer mix being Thai, tourist and expats (expats especially so in the three fitness centres in East Pattaya).

Go live date is May 1st 2012

Inspire Committed to Opening up New Innovative Channels

Inspire now operates on the following platforms:
Website, Social Networks, You Tube, Marriott Resort TV, eNewsletters, throughout multiple Local Print Publications, Mix FM radio every Friday morning, Inspire features shown on local cable TV (Pattaya Channel), Inspire App (launches April 2013), Tonys Fitness Centres (May 2013)

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