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How Did Your Investments Fare over 2013 ?


How Did Your Investments Fare over 2013 ?

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How Did Your Investments Fare over 2013 ?

Those of you who came to the Asia Pacific Pensions Seminar at the Centara Grand, will know that our Discretionary Fund Managers gave an insightful talk outlining their success over the last 12 months, with demonstrations of the easy to use online access for all clients.

Those of you (over 200) of our existing clients will have seen this success first hand by logging on to your own portfolios.

Those of you who have yet to make an appointment with us to see how we could considerably improve on the interest (or lack of it) that you are getting from money sitting in your bank accounts or invested assets. Please look below at the results achieved from model portfolios between 15th November 2012 and 15th November 2013.

Cautious – 9.3% (benchmark 2.1%)
Balanced – 11.9% (benchmark 5.4%)
Growth – 15.9% (benchmark 9.4%)
Adventurous – 20.7% (benchmark 12.6%)

These figures are NET of annual management charge, so pretty impressive as I am sure you will agree.

So we would recommend that the sooner you take advantage of this kind of performance, the better.

Isn’t it about time your money started working for YOU AND NOT OTHERS !?

For a free no obligation appointment with one of our advisors please contact: [email protected]

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