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Is there too much to do in Pattaya?


Is there too much to do in Pattaya?

By Dan Cheeseman of

I think the phrase ‘you can’t see the woods for the trees’ sums up Pattaya as it is crammed full of events every single day and night and often both tourist and expat miss out on some cracking events and activities as a result. But surely there can never be a case where there is too much to do, can there?

Casing example, did you know there was a Land, Sea and Air weekend event being held just 20 minutes outside of Pattaya last month? It was for petrol heads everywhere, it was fantastic, yet when this avid reporter went to the event there was not a foreigner in site. Example number two, at the end of May, Leicester City football club, a professional club playing just one league below the English Premiership, was in Pattaya playing Pattaya United in a friendly match. Bet you didn’t know that?

When it comes to marketing Pattaya, Thailands tourist authority and City Hall have recently shifted from ‘City of Variety’ to ‘Definitely More’ in its strap line that continues with its theme that underpins this towns broad appeal and spectrum of things to do. The risk, though, is that by being a ‘Jack of all trades’ the city ends up being ‘Masters on none’ because it attempts to showcase everything and that could be a risky strategy, as the consumer ends up a little confused by it all. It does sound a little peculiar to suggest that a city that has it all, could by virtue lose out to other tourist areas, but it’s worth considering and taking seriously. Focus and keeping it simple has always been a winning formula, whatever your business.

For all of us that have discovered Pattaya, then we can only consider ourselves somewhat spoilt and very lucky. You can have your mad nights out or you can have an evening of fine dining, you can enjoy your water sports or just chill out on the beach – the list, and polarization of examples, goes on. Pattaya Today ends up taking on a huge responsibility to showcase just how much there is to do and tell us all when and where, and I am pleased to say it does a very good job.

So whatever you plan on doing over the next few days, just remember the depth of activities and events there are to do here. Why not try something different and find out for yourself just how Pattaya offers ‘definitely more’.

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