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Living in Pattaya isn’t Cheap!


Living in Pattaya isn’t Cheap!

There will still be guys in town that say living in Pattaya is cheap to live, which if you want to stay in a little room with no air con or kitchen then yes you can still live here cheaply. That is not the message or direction of where this article wants to focus, as based on this example you could live just about anywhere in the world ‘cheaply’.

Exchange rates were the biggest thing to recently happen that made Pattaya a more expensive place to live or have a holiday. A 25% down value in currency conversion is a huge impact.

Living comparisons should remain consistent with what you would spend money on back in your home country. A pint of beer, not on promotion, is anywhere between 150 and 200 baht. That is four pounds UK sterling / six US dollars. A Sunday Roast, in a central Pattaya location, ranges from 250 to 450 baht. At the top end of the pricing that is nine pounds / 13.5 US dollars.

The cost of owning a car too can be more expensive than some may expect. My car insurance cost me 19,000 baht this year, which is 400 UK sterling / 600 US dollars. Tax was 7,000 baht for the year.

Given the fact that Pattaya has so many attractions and always something fun and different on every single day of the year means the pressure and ease of spending money too is greater than living in a quieter location. An expat life can be superb here in Pattaya, but do expect to spend money.

This article certainly isn’t down beat; it is more a challenge to anyone that still believes it is cheap place to live. Yes you can live on very little money, but you can do that back in the UK or where have you too. Pattaya is a town that can consume you and offer you a lifestyle that you would be hard pushed to find anywhere else in the world. Just keep an eye on your bank balance!

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