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Living in Pattaya as a 15 year Old Expat Girl


Living in Pattaya as a 15 year Old Expat Girl

Inspire is delighted to introduce our youngest guest writer, Dasha Chernyak, a 15 year girl from Pattaya, so we were keen to find out how she enjoys living in Pattaya.

Hello everyone I am Dasha. So when you think of Pattaya you might think of bars, beer and partying, but to a fifteen year old, like myself, the city of Pattaya takes on a completey different guise. Here are five things myself and friends like to do with our spart time in Pattaya.

1. It’s very important to me to have my friends by the side, they always add to the excitement. Central Festival shopping is a wonderful place to hang out. We can see a movie, have a brunch in a café and of course – shop, if we feel like it, all in the same place and on the same day. Wonderful!

2. Its hard work being a teenager and so I have to exercise from time to time to keep in shape. Swimming is my favourite when it comes to that! I like going to water parks like Ramayana and Cartoon Network. One of the things that I like about these parks are the amazing designs. I get immersed in the atmosphere.

3.My guilty pleasure is something sweet with a good old cup of tea. That’s why I’m familiar with many bakeries here in Pattaya. The ones that I would personally recommend are: Pan Pan, La Baguette and Secret recipe. There goes my diet!
4.A picnic always has huge appeal for me. Especially being in school most of the time, it’s the best kind of activity that let’s you relax and treat yourself to lots of good food.

5.Speaking of the outdoors, I love taking pictures! Sometimes of the beach, of a sunset, or even a beautiful view. Sometimes I grab a selfie of myself – of course I do, I am a girl, or take some shots with my friends too.

So there you go, Pattaya is certainly somewhere that can be enjoyed by all ages, including a 15 year old girl like myself. You learn something new every day!

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