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Local Expats Earl, Joe and Paul to Stop Networking and Drinking


Local Expats Earl, Joe and Paul to Stop Networking and Drinking

No to Drinking and No to Networking

Three guys who would go to an opening of a packet of crisps have decided to hang up their networking shoes and stop their drinking as they look to explore new challenges.

“Enough is Enough” Earl Brown

Earl, whom was recently spotted an opening of an envelope at a local Post Office, claimed he was too burned out. “Its a very emotional day for me as I do go to every event in town. You name it kids parties, private parties, condo parties… you name it I am there, but enough is enough. I can do it no more”.

Local Bars Panicked by News

News of the trios abstention from booze has naturally caused concern among bars in Pattaya. “Its not just me that’s concerned but the kebab stall just outside, these guys were critical to sales. Especially Joe whom often ate a few large kebabs on his way back” said one landlord.

The ‘Pattaya Rat Pack’ News Delights Others

Dubbed among many in town the ‘Pattaya Rat Pack’, this news has been greeted by small sections of the community. “Whenever they were at a party I could not get near the drinks table, they literally blocked it off from others like a pack of hounds.” said one guy who wished to remain anonymous.

What is the Future?

For the month of April this story should have been expected, especially when it comes so very, very early day in the month. Inspire will be updating you on the progress during the month

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