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Missing English man located by private investigators in Pattaya


Missing English man located by private investigators in Pattaya

Private investigators have successfully located a vulnerable man in Pattaya city. Kieran James, who is 26-years-old, suffers from autism and learning difficulties. Kieran had been planning a trip to Thailand for the past 2 years after developing an interest with Thailand through internet videos. We spoke to his mother Nichola.

“At first we were very nervous about allowing Kieran to visit Thailand. He suffers from learning difficulties and can struggle to identify dangerous situations.”

“Kieran had been watching YouTube videos of Pattaya for hours every night. He made friends through internet forums and planned every detail of his trip. Myself and Kieran’s father needed a lot of persuading before his trip could go ahead”

After enjoying a week in the seaside resort, Kieran stopped making contact with his family, and his social media accounts fell silent. After receiving no phone calls or messages from him in 3 days, Nichola reached out for help to find her son through Facebook.

“We were receiving more abuse than help through Facebook. People were calling us irresponsible for letting Kieran travel out on his own. This just added to our stress”

It was through Facebook that a concerned user recommended the family contact Ian White from

Ian told us “Missing people can be some of the more challenging cases that we take on. We commonly investigate Thai women, including bar girls, to find out whether they are cheating on their partners who are living abroad. Cheating foreign men investigations are also common for us, especially in Pattaya”

“In this case we were able to send a team to the Soi Boukaow area of Pattaya and search for Kieran.”

Ian’s team combed the area and after making inquiries with local people they found Kieran drinking by himself in a bar on Second Road. Ian told us that he had become disorientated and was in a state of distress.

“I was a nervous wreck until I spoke to Kieran. I just can’t thank Ian enough for finding him.”

“Ian supported us through this time and after finding Kieran was able to supervise him for us until he boarded the plane back to England.”

“After speaking to Ian, we now understand the risks and dangers that our son faced in Pattaya.”

“We won’t be letting him visit Thailand on his own again, that is for sure”

For more information about Thailand investigators, visit or for their Pattaya office.

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