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Movers & Shakers Havana Bar – Holiday Inn Pattaya


Movers & Shakers Havana Bar – Holiday Inn Pattaya

MOVERS & SHAKERS PATTAYA (Mar 14th) Friday 14th March was the date for The Movers & Shakers 3 monthly meeting held once again in the Havana Bar, Holiday inn. The turnout was great as usual and inspire were there to capture the event. The question we had on our mind was how well do we actually know the people that attend and how do we stop people from remaining in their own little groups and not mingle ? We wanted to break the barriers and promote real varied networking. Well with this in mind our very own original “Girl about town” Khun Au asked them a simple question : “you have 20 seconds to tell us 3 things we don’t know about you” The potential answers are unlimited…favourite movie, best food, past jobs, family life, places visited, hobbies etc Easy you’d think….not so

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