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New Toll Booth at start of Pattaya Beach Road


New Toll Booth at start of Pattaya Beach Road

Shocked Residents as Toll Booths Appear Overnight


Discount for Beer Bar Partons

If you buy two or more beers at any of the venues on Pattaya Beach Road do get your card stamped, as you will get a full refund on your toll charge when you get to the end of Beach Road from one of the Tollbooths on exit.

Dave Trevors who was one of the first to use the toll at 7am this morning was livid. “I had a meeting at 10am but had to stop and drink two beers along Beach Road so I could get my toll money back, I am not sure this is a good thing for Pattaya that drivers start drinking so early. Needless to say I was late for my meeting”.

It is believed that the money back initiative for drinking a couple of beers, which was introduced as a strategy to help local bar business in Beach Road, may need to be rethought as City Hall has questions over the effect it may have on drink driving.

Will not Impact Tourism Numbers

Thailand Tourism Authority (TAT) are confident this will have no impact on tourist visitors to Pattaya and in fact believe the new revenue will ensure an even more pleasant Pattaya Beach Road as monies can be used to beautify the area. They also plan to build 10 minute parking areas for drivers wanting to take advantage of the two beer offer that will ensure they get their toll money charges back; but it is thought this money could be raised by sponsorship for these parking zones by one of the beer companies.

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