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Online Temptation – Who needs the bars?!


Online Temptation – Who needs the bars?!

Online Temptation – Who needs the bars?!

It wasn’t long ago that affairs started at work, an office fling or a little hanky panky at the Christmas office party, but now you can play away from home without even leaving it. Today temptation exists in your hand – via your mobile or your PC every day of the week.

For all the benefits of the internet and the improved connection it has given us it also allows you to play away from home far, far easier. Think social networks, Skype and even emails. We can find old flames or meet new people and that can be dangerous territory, for online flirting can develop into something else.

Facebook is becoming the number one reason for marriage breakdowns and is increasingly being used as a source of evidence in divorce cases, according to lawyers.

The social networking site was cited as a reason for a third of divorces last year in which unreasonable behaviour was a factor, according to law firm Divorce-Online. I just wonder how Facebook compares to ‘bar girl’ or ‘money’ for a reason for relationship breakdown here in Pattaya?

So think twice next time you confirm the next pretty face friend request that arrives in your Facebook inbox as it could be your downfall.

Here in Pattaya the bar scene has been the holy grail of some innocent flirting but the tide is changing and now it can all be done from a mobile. But should we be surprised as a quick look in to the girly bars and it would appear all the girls are glued to their phones; Facebook has arrived in Pattaya in a big way!

Here is the issue. Who doesn’t like a little attention? And via the internet it is as easy to get as it is to give. Flirting with the distance of computers is far easier for the masses than actually doing it face to face.

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