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Pool Parties: Is Pattaya the New Ibiza (Part 2)?


Pool Parties: Is Pattaya the New Ibiza (Part 2)?

It seems to becoming true

At the very turn of the year Inspire posted an interesting article on how we saw the party side of Pattaya evolving, so much so we posed the question ‘Is Pattaya the New Ibiza?’ (the link to this article is at the end of this article).

In under one year since this article it appears to becoming increasingly true. This weekend (November 23rd 2013) sees not one but two all day and night pool parties. The first is being held in a hotel in association with The Pier Disco, from Walking Street, and from what we have seen it looks set to be phenomenal. The second welcomes the launch of Unique Pool and Lounge Bar in Soi 6 in Pratamanak, with a third venue ‘Planet Earth’ in Jomtien all set to be open before the turn of the year. Whilst just off Thepprasit road you have the newly opened ‘Momento Beach’ which has daily pool events with house music played all afternoon. All of them focusing on the day time pool party. Thats four new venues – albeit the Mercure hotel event is not a regular event – that have opened seemingly all at once.

What does this say about Pattaya?

Certainly the ‘party’ scene in Pattaya is diversifying and not just built on the foundations of bar girls, we have a fairly mature nightclub scene now and the addition of the all day pool parties signals a repositioning of what Pattaya stands for when it comes to drinking and having fun.

Tourist is Changing

With the Russian market accounting for 56% of all tourism in Pattaya, this has had a significant impact on what Pattaya offers. The Russians not only arrive as couples and families, as now you can see singles that have traveled in a group to have a ‘party time’. The pool parties key market will be this segment and this should start to see – for the first time – an integration between Russians and Westerners. This is very possible. The owners of the pool party venues are absolutely targeting both markets.

Its a very interesting future that is starting to be mapped out, but, and that is one thing that is apparent, it does appear the ‘day time’ Ibiza style party is here to stay. Inspires own analytics point to the fact that our customers are very interested in this subject and forthcoming events planned – as page views on this subject are consistently well above average.

Inspire suggests you all go out and get yourself a trendy set of swimming shorts or costume and head to the gym to tone up your midrift…the pool party has arrived and looks set to stay in Pattaya.

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