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Pattaya Sports Club Help Clear the Air


Pattaya Sports Club Help Clear the Air

Deadly Explosion in Rayong

Everything is running smoothly. The sun is shining, the children are happy, what could disturb the peace and quiet of the Camillian Social Centre in Rayong. But that is exactly what happened.

At the beginning of May in Bangkok a deadly explosion occurred at a chemical plant leaving local residents with the fear of water and air contamination by hazardous substances. Unfortunately, a few days later, a chemical leakage in Rayong, only 3 or 4 kilometres away from the Camillian Centre, left 42 people suffering ill effects and many local residents suffered dizziness and sickness from the resulting smell.

The Camillian Social Centre is situated on the Sukhumvit Road very near to an industrial estate with many lorries passing all day. The centre has 68 children suffering from HIV and the medication that they have can leave them vulnerable to colds and respiratory conditions resulting from air pollution and air borne bacteria. Father Peter is very concerned about this situation and has been advised that to install air purifiers in all the bedrooms would benefit the children.

Pattaya Sports Club are always happy to help the children of the Camillian and buying air purifiers was readily agreed by the committee and here they are ready to use. Father Peter said he will have no problem understanding how to use the machines, he will not bother with the instructions, he will just ask the children and the problem will be solved.

There is a High Efficiency Particulate Air standard set by the US Department of Energy and the Hitachi meet this requirement with Allergen-Free Hepa Filters so all the children will sleep more comfortably from now on.

The Camillian Social Centre, like most of the centres in Pattaya are always looking for help with food and equipment, so if you feel that you can help in any way, please contact them direct on 038685480 or William at PSC 0861522754.

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