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Pattaya Sports Club Support The Tour De Mapbrachan


Pattaya Sports Club Support The Tour De Mapbrachan

Registration was to be at 7 am, Thai time, but being Thailand, actually took place at 8 am with an 8.30am start for cyclists to take part in this, the 3rd annual cycle event, on behalf of Baan Jing Jai. Not a race, but a gentle ride at a slow pace, over 22 scenic kilometres around Mapbrachan Lake. This event is supported by Nongprue City Hall, the police and many volunteers are there in support to ensure the safety of the cyclists, both young and old, with other vehicles on the road being warned, well in advance, of the possible problems. There were the occasional mechanical problems but these were handled without any delay. Not exactly ‘Tour De France’ style but quick enough.

The Deputy Mayor, Khun Anak, Patanangam, welcomed all those taking part and particularly, Pattaya Sports Club for their sponsorship. We were then ready for the off but William, Nigel and Ron from PSC took the easier route for our bicycles had engines.

Baan Jing Jai are situated along Nern Plubwan with 72 children living in, what can only be described as, cramped conditions with very little area to play. They have long had a dream to have a much larger purpose built centre and that dream is just about to be realised. They have purchased a plot of land along route 36 and are just waiting for Pattaya City Hall to grant planning permission. They have been fortunate enough to have generous sponsorship from groups both in Thailand and from abroad and plans are available to show that there will be ample play areas, rooms to study, relax and to have room for a good night’s sleep.

Rice and other food items are always needed, especially with 72 hungry mouths to feed, but additional finance is still needed to complete their new project, hence this annual cycle event.
A slow pace was observed throughout and, although some of the younger children were tired, everyone arrived back at base having enjoyed a very pleasant morning. Everyone ploughed into the rice, noodles, waffles and of course water to replenish some tired bodies.
This is a very worthy cause and Pattaya Sports Club are always happy to support Khun Piantah but if you would like to donate anything at all, be it food, clothes or finance, please contact William at Pattaya Sports Club on 0861522754 or just see the PSC staff to make your donation. Alternatively, Khun Piantah is always happy to welcome visitors if you would prefer.

Contact details

Pattaya Sports Club
3/197 Pattaya 3rd Road, Pattaya, Banglamung, Thailand (adjacent to the Pattaya Driving Range)
Phone: 038-361167
Fax: 038-361929
William on 0861522754
Email: [email protected]
Pattaya Sports Club website click HERE

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