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Planning the Perfect Night Out


Planning the Perfect Night Out

Whether you are in Pattaya, Bangkok, New York or London it’s well worth planning for a great night out.

If you’re thinking of having a really great night out with your friends, then it’s a good idea to plan ahead so you don’t end up missing out on anything and wandering around trying to find something fun to do. If you’re curious about what the ideal process is for planning the best nights out ever, then read on to learn how you can become the person to go to when someone wants an awesome evening!

1) Do your homework.

Seen a new bar? Check the reviews. Never go anywhere without ensuring that at least someone, preferably someone you know rather than people on the internet, although you may find that you’ll get recommendations from anywhere from TripAdvisor to your online friends! But just make sure you don’t go without any information only to find out that every single venue you chose for Friday night is terrible!

2) Budget!

The worst thing about being out and having something go wrong is running out of money or putting your group in a situation where funds are too low to keep everything going. So plan this in advance! Ensure that you know the rough amount you’ll spend in each venue, where there are any admission prices or tipping policies, and if anyone is a low on cash, help fund their night out or adjust your plans so they remain included.

3) Be safe!

Travel home in groups, budget for and use cabs (safe ones, of course!) if you need to, and make sure everyone is accounted for before you head out for the night, switch venues or head home! If no one is forgotten and everyone has a reliable means of getting there and getting back, it allows you to relax and enjoy the night without worrying about any potential travel issues or losing anyone. So follow this and the other two suggestions, and have fun!

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