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Property Feature: Success Breeds Success


Property Feature: Success Breeds Success

Top Pattaya developers continue to pick up the plaudits

By Guy Van Harten, BSc (Hons)

In my editorial in the ‘Pattaya Today’ for October I discussed the future of the residential real estate market here in Pattaya, drawing two main conclusions; firstly that the current trajectory of conventional property development is operating in an unsustainable manner and secondly, that the future of the market belongs to professional players who are able to deliver genuine value-for-money (which is more about adding value and has very little correlation to low prices). Throughout the editorial I cited two specific individuals who characterised the essence of ‘professional players’ and who I believe to be the future of residential property here in Pattaya – Kobi Elbaz of Tulip Group Thailand and Terrence Allen Collins of BravoThai / Siam Developments. As such, it came as no surprise to hear that both of these individuals have picked up yet another set of awards to go with their already burgeoning collections.

On Friday the 23rd of November the inaugural ‘The Best of Thailand TV Show Awards’ were held at Bruno’s Restaurant, with several awards on offer including Best Condominium Development Pattaya which went to the iconic Tulip Group project, Waterfront, as well as Best Villa Development Pattaya which was awarded to The Vineyard, unquestionably Pattaya’s finest series of housing developments. Hosted by Daniel Boccalini, an engaging media personality already widely recognized for his existing lifestyle programme ‘My 2nd Home’, the awards were a celebration of the finest that Pattaya has to offer; with other nominations including Best Entertainment Venue and Best Restaurant. Set to air on nationwide television through MCOT World and True Visions, the event has capped an incredible year for both Tulip Group and BravoThai, with each picking up a multitude of commendations and awards for their outstanding contributions to the Pattaya real estate industry.

So what are the key reasons behind a very select group of individuals and companies enjoying the majority of the success? First and foremost, the most important attribute is passion. The desire to create, to inspire and to do something out of love is the first step to being successful. Secondly, a strong work ethic and a sense of true dedication and commitment are required – the self-discipline to push oneself both physically and mentally is crucial to accomplishment. Finally, the ability to generate ideas and utilize creativity cannot be underestimated. Being able to turn problems into solutions or recognizing a unique opportunity is a trait which allows companies to gain a competitive advantage. I believe that Tulip Group Thailand and BravoThai are led by individuals who share these traits in abundance – and as such the future of the Pattaya property market is in good hands

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