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Rose Tinted Glasses by The Pattaya Sleuth


Rose Tinted Glasses by The Pattaya Sleuth

Rose Tinted Glasses

One thing that I often think about life in Thailand is that many people have rose tinted glasses – either for everything being perfect in Thailand or everything being perfect back in their home countries. I was involved in a conversation the other day with a couple of guys who had quite contrasting views. One guy was thinking about going back to the UK and the other guy thought that Thailand was perfect.

The guy who was thinking heading back to the UK put up quite a reasoned argument that it would be better for his children as the schooling was better and more opportunities – all fair points but then he went on to talk about what he could realistically earn – this where I nearly fell off my stool laughing. The industry he works in pays nothing like the amounts that he was quoting – I know as some of my friends are in the industry and sometimes ask my professional advice about things. It was almost a throwback to the Charles Dickens days where the streets are paved with gold.

My friend, and I you the term loosely, has not even visited the UK for over 5 years let alone lived or worked there. He seemed blind to the fact that things change and not always for the better. He seemed to remember a time of 100% employment and being able to move from one job to another at the drop of a hat. Sadly, I think he is in for a rude awakening if he chooses to go back. There won’t be people waiting at Heathrow as soon as he gets off the plane to offer him jobs and I am not sure that his experience in Thailand will carry much weight. I hope I am wrong but the grass isn’t always greener and looking from the outside in, things are as clear cut as he seems to think.

On the other hand, the his friend thinks that Thailand is perfect. Everything is the best that he has ever experienced in his life from the food through to the weather an absolutely everything else. He has only been here 3 months so everything is still new but I hate to imagine his disappointment when something goes wrong for him as he simply isn’t expecting it. I hope that the shock isn’t too great and doesn’t change his long term outlook but it may be an idea to take off those rose tinted glasses now and be better prepared for all eventualities, not just the positive ones.

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