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Should you set a New Years Resolution in Thailand?


Should you set a New Years Resolution in Thailand?

Is an Expats Life already Perfect?!

Another year gone and once again many of us will use this period to consider what we would like to achieve or do differently as we enter that New Year. For Expats living in Thailand the same applies too, so, what are you looking to do differently?

Top of the lists are usually a result of our vices, stop smoking, lose some weight and get to the gym or cut back on your alcohol. Did you know that over 70% of us default on our resolutions within the first month, while 85% give up within the first three months.

However, that’s still a quarter of the year where we have achieved what we wanted, so whether its been a temporary stop of smoking or three months at the gym, that’s better than not having tried and indeed gives us all some health benefits. And, and it is a big and, you may find you change your life forever and that has got to be worth a punt.

Commit to Help Others

For all that Thailand gives us expats in terms of sunshine, things to do and, well, just an all round better experience than what many of us had back in our home countries; there are still things we can do to put something back in to this country. Why not look at helping one of the many charities that do such good work for those that need help? Now that would make for a wonderful new year resolution, to help others more.

Pattayas Biggest Loser!

Last year in Pattaya a group of 15 expats committed as a group to lose some weight, and they all did. In fact their weight losing exploits so worried landlord Steve Spratt at Murphy’s Law in Soi LK, as he was losing beer sales as many of them stopped their evening trip to his bar, that on the last day of the competition he turned up and offered everyone a free beer at his bar to celebrate. Needless to say Steve won back his business!

Expat Business Pledges?

Personal resolutions to one side, maybe this is the year that your business aspirations are actualized. What can you do to ensure this happens? Maybe you work longer hours or look to learn from peers or books how to get more from the work you do. Pattaya has a place of commerce is becoming far more professional and lucrative, and this will undoubtedly attract new talent and force those that are currently here to raise the bar. If you work in Pattaya, what can you do to remain valid and part of the future?

So, 2013, what will you do to make that change?

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