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So, how big is the Pattaya Tourist Market?

Thailand Tourism - The Famous Tiffany's Show in Pattaya, Thailand


So, how big is the Pattaya Tourist Market?

By Dan Cheeseman from

Pattaya is a town in continual perpetual motion. Like an organism, it is alive and always changing, yet throughout it’s tourist numbers have been fairly stable. The faces may have changed but the numbers haven’t.

For the last few years that 5 million annual tourist figure has remained there or thereabouts, although
next year expect a marked increase – more on that later. However it struck me one year when back
in the UK and looking at other tourist numbers just what 5 million means when comparing it to other
tourist destinations. Let’s take the seaside resort of Blackpool in the UK. In the mid-80’s it boasted 17
million visitors a year, this has since plummeted, but even now Blackpool Pleasure beach alone still
attracts 6 million visitors (20% more than Pattaya).

Paris welcomes a phenomenal 42 million tourists per year, almost 9 times more than Pattaya. However
it is a little bit harsh to compare this city with the number one tourist destination in the world, yet it does put things into perspective and proportion.

Let’s stay in the current figure of 5 million tourists a year, what in the world compares to this? Well
Egypt as destination attracts that number as does the Statue of Liberty in America. So there is no getting Thailand Tourism - The Famous Tiffany's Show in Pattaya, Thailandaway from it, it’s still a huge figure we are talking about.

But this figure is all set to grow in 2013 and the new Cartoon Network Water Park in naJomtien is due
for open next year and this will have a huge impact on numbers and nationality of visitors’ (apparently
the South Koreans go crazy for water parks). I am sure it will be like celebrating Songkran everyday when
you visit this park!

If the figures being targeted by Thailand’s Tourist Authority are anything to go by – Pattaya has been
challenged to grow its tourism by 14% – things are all set to change in this city. Double digit growth in
anyone’s books is huge. It equates to an additional 650,000 visitors a year. So commercially Pattaya
could be about to enter a very lucrative era, for now though, let’s just wait and see.

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