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Surreal experience of needing hospital treatment on Koh Chang during Covid-19 pandemic


Surreal experience of needing hospital treatment on Koh Chang during Covid-19 pandemic

For the last 20 days now my family and I have been holed up on Koh Chang in our effort to self-isolate. We have found a villa in a private location that is away from everyone. I have my computer to work from and my kids can run around outside. We are safe and we are away from others. Well, my plan to be more safe almost backfired spectacularly and could have even separated our family during this crisis.

The Covid-19 pandemic has really hit home with locals on the island and if my family go to eat at local Thai food stalls, I see fear in their eyes when we turn up. Being an all-Western family, as opposed to having a Thai wife, they jump to conclusion that we are tourists. I have to quickly reassure them that we live in Thailand, have been on the island for over 2 weeks and very quickly they all calm down and become Thai again (‘friendly and accommodating’). To be fair, we try and eat indoors most of the time, now is not the time to take chances.

This island is on heightened alert and scared the virus may spread to Koh Chang, all perfectly understandable. I wanted to frame my story with the opening insight to let you know the attitudes on this island towards foreigners at the moment.

Horrific Stomach Cramps

On Saturday, late afternoon, I started to get horrendous stomach cramps. I took my temperature and it was a mild fever at 37.5 degrees. Now is not at a time to get a fever as you cannot go anywhere without getting your temperature check and that includes access to my resort and supermarkets.

I tried to ignore it and hoped it would pass. So I had dinner indoors with the family and then went to bed to watch a movie.

I had pretty much just fallen asleep for about an hour and woke to the most horrendous stomach cramps. It was unbearable. I really didn’t know what to do. All night I could not sleep, when I moved the pain would get even worse. It was just a horrific night.

In the morning, once my family had arisen, my wife could see my pain I was in and I also had a mild fever. At this point I felt even too weak to get out of bed. I was exhausted. Now my challenge was what to do next.


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