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Are the Thais Falling Back in Love with Pattaya? by The Pattaya Sleuth


Are the Thais Falling Back in Love with Pattaya? by The Pattaya Sleuth

Are the Thais Falling Back in Love with Pattaya?

It is fair to say that if you mention the word “Pattaya” to many Thai people you will get a look of disgust and distain staring back at you. To be honest you will get a similar look from many Westerners who live outside of the area but has there been a shift in the attitude, particularly from the Thais, towards the city that is perhaps associated most with red light districts, drunken parties and less than perfect beaches filled with sunburnt tourists?

Although finding any accurate figures to confidently back things up is proving difficult, the number of Thai people who are coming to the city for short breaks seems to be notably on the increase. Developers and Real Estate agents have also been known to comment that sales of condominiums in Thai quote is “on the up” and quite frankly that can only be a good thing for all concerned.

So what are the reasons for falling back in love with a city that had previously been so despised? Perhaps it is because the city has certainly cleaned up its image in recent years. Families are now welcome and actively encouraged to come where in the past it may have raised a few eyebrows. This probably results in Thai nationals feeling more comfortable and less embarrassed and when they have actually got to Pattaya they have found that isn’t that bad after all and told family and friends of their enjoyment rather than their shame.

Getting to Pattaya is quite straightforward as well. There are many buses coming to the city from various locations around the country with an excellent road links connecting the city with Bangkok. There are also an increasing number of flights available to the ever expanding, nearby U-Tapao airport with daily flights to Chaing Mai, Udon and Phuket with more domestic flights always on the cards. Pattaya is now accessible in ways that had not previously been the case and the increase in flights must suggest that there is the demand.

There are also plenty of attractions that will appeal to Thai people. These include Nong Nooch Gardens, the Sanctuary of Truth as well as water parks and of course shops and markets that will always prove to be popular. It is very clear that Pattaya has far more to offer than simply a few beer bars, a sex industry and a few grubby beaches. The is plenty to love about Pattaya so why not give it a second chance?

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