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The beauties of Turkey


The beauties of Turkey

Inspire is delighted to have teamed up with Expat Life magazine to bring you more great content to do with Thailand

Turkey has always been a favourite country destination for foreign tourists. Istanbul with its rich history as Constantinople, adventurous ballroom rides in Cappadocia, or beautiful coastline of Bodrum. Due to the visa-free requirements for Thai passports, many of my local friends have joined package tours to Turkey. Last October, my husband and I also chose Turkey for our annual vacation. We decided to venture out by ourselves despite the forthcoming language barriers. Having our own itinerary offers the opportunity to blend in with the local people and experience the real side of Turkey.


Ankara is the capital of Turkey and the heart of administrative and policymaking of the government. It is also home to many foreign embassies, international institutions and companies. We took the road less travelled from most tourists to Turkey, and spent a couple of days there. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay, and explored a few fascinating places.

Ankara Castle

Ankara Castle is one of the Turkish capital’s oldest sights, dating back to the Roman, Seljuk, and Ottoman Empires. It is quite a high point of the city. Even though the exact date of its initial construction is unknown, some people believe the Hittites (an ancient empire that ruled over Nnorth-central Anatolia in 1600 BC), who had a military garrison in Ankara, built the Ankara Castle. The place is full of souvenir shops and cafes around.

The Anatolian Civilisations Museum

Located in two Ottoman buildings located near Ankara Castle is the Anatolian Civilisations Museum. It was elected as the “Museum of the Year in Europe” in 1997. The museum, being among exceptional museums with its unique collection, has Anatolian archaeological artefacts and artifacts some from the Pala eolithic Age to the present. We benefitted from a great history lesson.


Anıtkabir, the eternal resting place of the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, founder of the Republic of Turkey, is located in the heart of Ankara. The Ataturk Mausoleum is a massive compound, comprisinges of four main parts: the Road of Lions, the Ceremonial Plaza, the Hall of Honour (location of Ataturk’s tomb) and the Peace Park that surrounds the monument.



Inspire is delighted to have teamed up with Expat Life magazine to bring you more great content to do with Thailand

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