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The Emergence of Koh Samet


The Emergence of Koh Samet

By Dan Cheeseman of Inspire-eMagazine

An island in rapid growth…

Located just 45 minutes from Pattaya to the ferry port, that takes you across to the delightful island of Samet, it is still a little surprising that it isn’t spoken more of. However it appears that although it has gone largely under the radar in Pattaya, it clearly hasn’t elsewhere.

At time of writing we are still apparently in a low season yet the beaches are still awash with many holiday makers from Europe, Russia and Thais. There is a new funkier port on the island and the development going on is staggering, it appears the day of the cheap Charlie back packer are increasingly numbered.

The white sands main beach which is the most lively also appears to attract many gays from Thailand, the locals have even started to joke about this phenomena! There is a good mix of bars in this area, including as you approach the beach a very authentic irish boozer that even comes complete with a Sunday roast dinner.

Where Samet differs from Koh Chang is in the fact you can only travel here on foot, by that I mean without your car. It keeps the island charming and rustic. The basic roads here are appalling but that only adds to the allure. 

BBQ is the common food of choice, a chicken kebab is around 70 baht while you can get a meal combo with garlic bread, salad, kebabs and corn on the cob for around 170 baht. You can hire a bike all day for between 300 and 400 baht per day based on what season you travel, while a quad bike is about 1,000 baht for a days rental. Just be careful!

You can secure a room with air con, fridge and hot water and be directly on the beach front for as low as one thousand baht a night if you go looking for it. You can also get air con rooms some 30 yards from a beach for around 800 baht too. On the flipside you can find very good quality rooms in upwards of 6,000 baht per night.

If you have yet to discover Samet then you are missing a true tropical island paradise.

August 2012

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