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The Golden Man of Pattaya – Is now the Golden Man of Wimbledon, UK


The Golden Man of Pattaya – Is now the Golden Man of Wimbledon, UK

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By Dan Cheeseman (

For years the Golden Man was affectionately seen riding his golden bike, complete with feathers and sparkles, on his daily ride around Pattaya. He took the same route and set off at the same time everyday.

When I interviewed him some three years ago here in Pattaya he wasn’t crazy, certainly a little excentric but he just enjoyed the attention; oddly however he was a somewhat shy individual. His background was artistic and the bike and costume was an expression of this creativity. He always said back then that when he no longer had enough money he would return back to UK and this is clearly what he has now done.

One towns loss, is another towns gain, and so it was with some delight – and surprise – to see a photo of the Golden Man (he also referred to himself as ‘James Bond’) on Facebook from a person that took a photo of him with the same bike and costume riding through the streets of Wimbledon in the UK. The legacy continues…


Let’s hope one day Pattaya will once again welcome the Golden Man back to its streets.

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