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The iPad Impact in iPattaya


The iPad Impact in iPattaya

Who doesn’t want an iPad?

Such is the continued fascination and demand of the iPad that its common practice to see one used as a competition prize. It seems everyone is using the iPad to entice customers, not just across the world but here in Pattaya and Bangkok too. But it’s not hard to see why.

The iPad has changed the way consumers engage with media and play their games, putting increasing pressure on traditional media and console companies like Sega and Xbox. The modern day word for this device is a ‘game changer’. The beauty of the iPad for marketers is in its wide appeal, it can be used by kids and it can be used by those in their senior years. The young can learn and play while the old can read and business people can use it to present to customers. It is multi faceted in what it can offer and that ensures huge demand.

It’s not often that a product comes along and changes the way people live, but this does and it has achieved this in a matter of years. Take a visit to Nong Nooch Gardens and look at the amount of young Thais that use it as their camera, sit in a coffee bar and see how people use it for news. With the ever continuing growth of social network it compliments this wonderfully in allowing consumers to catch up on what others are doing.

The significance to this product innovation is the fact it redefined how people got information from the internet, it created a category that didn’t exist. Before the iPad it was either a home computer or more recently your mobile phone.

Often we can all forget how influential this bit of kit has been on modern day living, as far as we are concerned it’s great for gaming, picking your emails up and so on and we spend very little time appreciating just how much the iPad changes lives.

So not only is the iPad a popular prize that a winner may receive but as a product it has been a winner in its own right. A winner of magnitude proportions.

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