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The Pattaya Trader Share the Love in the Bed Race


The Pattaya Trader Share the Love in the Bed Race

A team from the Pattaya Trader magazine made a loud announcement of their new slogan and theme – ‘for the young at heart’ – by competing in the 2013 Pattaya International Bed Race on 27 January.

The running team for the race included Australian Duncan Stearn, Briton Mark Walker and Thais M, Yui, Sin and Sek. Only Duncan and Sin actually completed the whole 1.5km run along Pattaya’s Beach Road from Central Festival to the start of Walking Street, with others either swapping places with the bed riders or passing out on the way.

In their colourful wigs, face-paints and numbered red polo shirts, the team handed out copies of the monthly magazine and stickers during the parade.

Duncan Stearn, who is the publication’s assistant editor, said: “It was a fun day. It’s great to help out a good cause, but we were also sending a message that the Pattaya Trader is for the sort of people who enjoy a joke and events like the bed race – for the young at heart, even if that heart has seen more years than it cares to recall!”

What is the Pattaya Trader?

The Pattaya Trader is an English-language monthly magazine published and distributed everywhere from Bang Saray to Chon Buri, with some copies reaching as far as Bangkok. It has an estimated readership of 30,000 expatriates and Thais.

The magazine comes in two halves – the Property Trader covers various aspects of the local real estate market while the Pattaya Trader is a community magazine covering a wide range of subjects. The publication also has the largest, most comprehensive classifieds listings in Pattaya.

While the magazine is now 12 years old, it was recently purchased by PPCnSEO, an online marketing company in Pattaya. Since then, several significant changes have reshaped the publication, with further modifications planned for the near future.

For more information on the Pattaya Trader, please email: [email protected]

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