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Top 5 Things to Steer Clear of with Your Thai Girlfriend


Top 5 Things to Steer Clear of with Your Thai Girlfriend

One of lives true mysteries: Your Thai Girlfriend!

Here in the Inspire ivory towers we have shared many a debate and a good few laughs too with our female Thai staff on what not to do to annoy your Thai girlfriend. Here is our top 5 of what to steer clear of:

(1) Photos of your ex-girlfriend

This is a far bigger issue than you may expect with Thais in general very happy to dismiss their past and destroy all evidence of it too when it comes to relationships. Something this writer recently discovered when his current squeeze found photos of his ex on his Facebook. It is a big no-no and expect an earful if your girlfriend discovers even innocent photos of an ex. Forget trying to defend it, the cultural idiosyncrasy is just far too polarized to get anywhere with this one.

(2) Trying to rationalize your girlfriends actions

Don’t do it, however tempted, you will get nowhere and just confuse yourself. We are ‘Farang’ and they are Thai, just leave it at that.

(3) Discussing the pros and cons of gold investment

To be honest the way things have gone with the gold market over the last few years would firmly place smug grins on the faces of Thai women world over. That speculative gold bracelet they purchased a couple of years ago may very well have doubled in value. Can we say the same of our property purchases back in our domestic countries over the same period?

(4) Allowing your girlfriend to access your Facebook or Skype account

If you don’t log out, one thing is for sure, she will be logging in and even if you are a saint she will find something she doesn’t like. Think hard too about accepting her friend request as she will absolutely root through all your photos, open messages and friend directory. If ever there was a case for having a second Facebook account and friend requesting her first with this bogus account then this is that time.

(5) Leaving your mobile phone unguarded

Many guys have password protects on their phone just to keep away prying eyes from their partners, most don’t do anything wrong they just don’t like their girl looking through their private stuff. Be clear to her that there will be a big issue if she even considers taking a quick peek at your text messages.

Footnote: This is very much a tongue in cheek article that does still have some truth behind it though.

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