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Very superstitious, writing’s on the wall


Very superstitious, writing’s on the wall

The majority of Thai’s, both young and old, hold a lot of faith in superstitions, legends, beliefs and myths.

To us westerners, these could be seen as old wives tales that we remember from our childhood, my grand ma was always rolling them out to me!! Though, in South East Asia a lot of these superstitions are connected with ghosts or spirits.

Now according to Thai’s there are various ways to outlaw these spirits. ‘Yan’, are drawings of religious symbols, that can often be found in
modes of transport such as cars, taxis, buses and song taos. Masses of taxis have these religious symbols painted on the ceiling inside the car, this process occurs when a new car is purchased, then it is blessed by a monk.

Other forms of protection are Buddhist amulets.

These can often be spotted inside vehicles upon the dashboard, and are considered to hold immense defensive powers

Yantra tattoos are also another form of protective spells. I have a Yantra style tattoo, performed by an ex Thai monk. Personally, I don’t believe in the spells or the power that the tattoo apparently possesses, I just like the Yantra designs. When I decide to move on from Thailand, this tattoo is a personal reminder of the time that I have spent here.

There are countless amounts of beliefs and superstitions in Thailand. Here are my top 5 that I find particularly interesting:

1. Do not sweep your house at night.
My ex Thai partner, got pretty upset when he found me sweeping out my condo late one night. I never really understood why he reacted in this way until I spoke with a Thai girlfriend of mine who explained that it derives from a time when there was no electric. Night time visibility is obviously limited and you never knew what you could be sweeping out of your house! (valuables etc)

2. Don’t eat while lying down because you will come back as a snake in the next life.

3. Apparently, it’s bad luck to get your hair cut on a Wednesday.
I have actually noticed some salons closed on Wednesdays, I wonder if it is for that reason?!?

4. Bad luck will come to a house if you enter through the window.
Not that I make a habit of doing so!!

5. Don’t smell the flowers you are offering to a monk or Buddha. If you do, something bad will happen to your nose.

These superstitions mentioned are only the tip of the ice berg. I am sure if you’re familiar with Thai culture, you have heard numerous amounts of beliefs. We can easily relate such beliefs to ones we hear as children, such as Father Christmas, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny (again just a few to mention). However the major differentiation between Thai and Western culture is that, when we grow up the faith in these myths fade away.

Maybe you still have some superstitions or beliefs yourself?
Till next time work hard and player even harder, T




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