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What have Thai Girls, Pints, Tourism and Maroon 5 got in common with Lady Ga Ga?


What have Thai Girls, Pints, Tourism and Maroon 5 got in common with Lady Ga Ga?

There is logic to the long title!

Before Inspire answers this question, let us me talk a little about search engine optimization (Can you see where we are going with this yet?). Inspire is about giving people, fundamentally expats in Pattaya and Bangkok, what they want in terms of things to do and see; so it has been interesting to see what events and lifestyle posts have been getting the most attention.

When you prepare a post you also need to key word it so if somebody is doing a search on an engine like Google, your post can be presented as most relevant. Over the last year of Inspire posting every day some of our most traffic has come from the following key words:

Thai Girls
Maroon 5
Lady Ga Ga

So to answer the title of the question, they all share commonality in the fact that these key words have driven the most traffic to Inspire. What now makes this article so rich in not just point of interest for you the reader, but for Inspire too there is another benefit. We know this article will no doubt get read by lots and lots of new consumers as we have got the key wording right… So, no prizes for guessing what words we will use to key word this article.

Why we love our Inspire readers

Inspire embraces you all in fondness in the knowledge that for all the beauty and culture Thailand offers and with all the thousands of key words we have used over the year, the fact that ‘Pints’ was one of the strongest traffic drivers is amazing (and amusing). We raise a glass – or should we say ‘pint’ – and say ‘cheers’ for your custom! Good to see your priorities. If you are a bar, then you really should be advertising with Inspire!!

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