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When I saw the Covid-19 impact in Bangkok there was only one choice


When I saw the Covid-19 impact in Bangkok there was only one choice

Anyone upbeat about a return to relative normality soon, I have to be honest, I am far from convinced. I think Covid-19 is going to cause long term problems for the world. When I hear people pay reference to more deaths in Thailand each day by traffic accidents, it almost beggars belief to their naivety. This virus could get out of control.

Self-isolation appears the only solution and I struggle to see how we can possibly return to normality for at least the next 2-months. It’s a nasty and horrific situation.

Back on March 17th of this year I had some meetings in central Bangkok and Covid-19 was already a real concern for people. I even wondered if my two meetings would be cancelled. The tourist industry was even then feeling the full effects of this virus and many hotels I saw were absolutely deserted.

When I returned back to Pattaya, I spoke with my wife about what I had seen. I have two young kids and I am very protective over their health and well-being. Although kids don’t seem to be getting the illness like adults, I was not prepared to take a risk. My youngest had lung issues two years ago, so I don’t want this virus getting anywhere near him.


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