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Why even as an expat I still feel I miss out on travel


Why even as an expat I still feel I miss out on travel

The benefits of leaving my domestic country have been almost immeasurable on a number of fronts and one of those was travel. However as the years have settled into living in Thailand I find – or at least feel – I am travelling less abroad, and if I do it is a trip back to the UK.

So almost as an oxymoron, having moved abroad to live I now am not travelling and exploring as much as I wish.

Don’t get me wrong, in Thailand, I move about a lot – but sometimes now I find onto already trodden regions. Thailand is beautiful and visiting an island or a weekend in Bangkok is still a wonderful adventure, but am I missing on discovering new countries?

Think about it, for many expats when we do travel outside of Thailand it tends to be a trip back to our domestic countries for a much-needed catch up with friends and family.

The average person visits 14 countries in their lifetime. I also note that 1 in 10 Brits have never been abroad and 22% have never travelled on an aeroplane.

A quick tally up of countries I have visited amounts to 20. 10 before I came to Thailand – so before I hit 30 years old – and 10 after. So it actually largely discredits my views, as I have clearly visited other countries whilst living in Thailand, however it is my increased insatiable appetite to travel more that kind of says ‘so what, I want to see more!’.


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