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Why it’s a deadly game of risk to not have health insurance in Thailand


Why it’s a deadly game of risk to not have health insurance in Thailand

In a recent poll on Thaivisa 45% of expats said they do not have health insurance and, for me, it’s a huge risk on their life that they are playing.

When I ask fellow expat Brits why they are not insured they 9 times out of 10 say they will just go back to the UK and get treatment. But, it’s not that easy as they make it out to be. To begin with, you need to get approval from a doctor and the airline itself that you are capable of flying. Airlines do not want to have to do an emergency landing or have to deal with ailments like incontinence. There is every chance, especially if you have been in a nasty accident, that you just cannot travel. So, how are you going to pay for a treatment stuck in Thailand that can easily top a million baht and what about the longer term costs if you then require on-going medication?

Hands up, before I had a family as a single guy, I never got insured and being under 40 years old I was willing to take the risk; but I can see how I was taking an unnecessary risk and could have ended up in all sorts, more so when I realise a basic health insurance coverage does not break the bank.

If you have kids you owe it to them to protect them too. Can you imagine being unable to pay for treatment if your child had an accident? It is not only irresponsible but heartbreaking.

On October 31st 2019 it will become mandatory to have a defined level of health insurance coverage for those getting a non-O-A visa for the first time (commonly known as the ‘retirement visa’). It is quite reasonable to expect that at some point all expats would be made to have a level of health insurance coverage, retiree or otherwise. Forget the fact that this is Thailand protecting itself from having to pick up any bills from uninsured foreigners, it is protecting us – as the individual – far more in the long run!


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