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Why online marketing is so important in Pattaya (and why you must use video)


Why online marketing is so important in Pattaya (and why you must use video)

Online marketing will get you seen by more and costs you less

By Dan Cheeseman

Many business in town is unsure how to effectively connect with its target customer, indeed many don’t really know whom their target market even is. Often here in Pattaya you will see a token print advert here and there or a television advert with a less than convincing message. Its a scatter gun approach that seldom gets a result.

I am a big fan of using online marketing as its quantifiable and your communication can be instant, reviewed and changed very easily. Its also far bigger than any traditional media in terms of potential and gives wonderful value for money.

Here are some pointers to help you get the best from online activities:

(1) Social Networking – Facebook for the numbers, Google + for your search engine optomisation
(2) Gaining more stand out from your Facebook posts – keep your wording as short as possible and use a photo for maximum impact and engagement
(3) Encourage others to ‘Share’ your Facebook post – Don’t be afraid of telling others to pass your message on and hit ‘share’, this helps the virality of your message. Consider also what post would be more conducive to being shared
(4) Use video to market your business online – You Tube is the number two search engine, bigger than Yahoo and Bing. Some of the videos that Inspire has produced and marketing online for its customers exceed 20,000 views per month. You need to consider length and engagement level in order to encourage You Tube to make it a referral video. Get this right and you win big time.

Inspire connects with over 46,000 essentially expats in Pattaya and Bangkok, we specialise in communicating to people that live here. This means when we connect the opportunity for the customer to act on it now is high. For your business that is great news as it means customer can visit your business today. We send out fortnightly email newsletters to just under 8,000 customers every time and take care of all your online needs which also includes producing your video.

Inspire is less per month than the cost of a quarter page black and white advert in a local Pattaya newspaper!

Hard to believe, but true. Our price per month is lower than a quarter page black and white advert in a local Pattaya newspaper, yet we connect you with far, far more customers. Perhaps more importantly our customers actually engage with your business due to the video element included, plus we can tell you how many people saw your message.

We also build your search engine optomisation that what we do today will continue to work for you for years to come, how is that for extra value?!

Contact us for an exploratory meeting either via the contact section to the top right of or emailing me direct on [email protected]

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