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Cambodia – Cambodian student manufactures a flying car

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Cambodia – Cambodian student manufactures a flying car

Vannsith Lonh came from a poor farming family in Cambodia, with a dream of studying engineering and modern technology.

While studying at NPIC University, his project was inspired by watching YouTube videos, so he set out to build his flying car, with the help of his professors and other students; the idea is now become a reality, as the team has successfully built the first flying car in Cambodia.

In light of the tremendous development in the field of technology in other countries, Cambodians are seeking to keep pace with this development, through inventions that benefit them in their daily lives.

The flying car project would be an opportunity to help solve problems such as traffic jams, by developing it to be a drone taxi, it can also be used to fertilize crops from above or spray with pesticides, and it can also be used to put out fires, especially in high buildings that fire trucks cannot reach.

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