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Bang Saen: Bangkok residents to blame for filthy beach, say traders


Bang Saen: Bangkok residents to blame for filthy beach, say traders

Bang Saen: Bangkok residents to blame for filthy beach, say traders



Traders in seaside resort Bang Saen and the news media  have pointed the finger of blame at filthy Bangkokians for messing up their beach. 


77kaoded said that the trash that plagues the popular resort in Chonburi mostly flows out of rivers like Bangkok’s Chao Phraya and nearby Bang Pakong. 


It is then blown back on the tourist beaches during the monsoon season. 


Rubber ring trader Wiphak, 56, said that the locals were learning to be clean and tidy and tourists were clearing up after themselves. 



Picture: 77 kaoded


Bangkok was to blame, he said, and possibly a few people who tossed trash in the sea from boats.


Local mayor Narongchai “Tui” Khunpluem went on Facebook to tell tourists to expect the worst when they visit during the rainy season.


He sent his teams out at the weekend to clear up as much as they could from the early morning hours. 


Members of the public were also collecting plastic bottles for recycling, said the media. 


Source: 77 kaoded



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